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Studio Apartment Guest Lodging / Rental of Lower Level:
10 Hill Road on Trap Alley, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

Reservation Policies:

> Sorry Absolutely No Smoking ... NO Pets or children under 12
> Check-in: 2 to 5PM or with a pre-approved arrival time
> CHECK-OUT By 11:30am
> Rates include a kitchen stocked with breakfast goodies and other
  Accouterments to make a weekday or weekend stay enjoyable
> One off street parking space available

_______  Rates are for double occupancy / queen sized bed.

_______  A $50.00 deposit is required to hold a one-night reservation, $100 for a weekend,
         and $200 for a month.
         (Deposit not refundable if canceled) Balance is due at check-in.          

_______  Payment can be made by CASH or credit card.
         Personal checks accepted one month in advance or with Preapproval.
         ATM machines located in downtown Jim Thorpe, PA.

_______  Additional person (s) up to two / on double pull-out sofa bed.
         $29.00 a night per person.

_______  WEEKDAYS: $99.00 a night
_______  WEEKENDS/HOLIDAYS: $290.00 for 2 nights or $155.00 one night.
_______  ONE WEEK (7 days, 6 nights): $485.00
_______  ONE FULL MONTH: $875.00
_______  Two or more constitutive months, up to 3 months are rented,
         with a lease, security deposit and a 30 day notice to move out.
         Rent is due the same day as move-in each and every month.
_______  Security deposit: $200.00 cash.

_______  6% PA Sales Tax additional

_______  3% Carbon County PA Room Tax

_______  Sub-total

_______  Minus (coupon/special) presented at check-in.

_______  TOTAL

         All rates are subject to change without notice.

DATE RESERVATION MADE: __________________  FOR: ___________

CREDIT CARD NUMBERS: ______________________________________

VISA/MC EXPIRATION DATE: ____________  VIN # ______________

SIGNATURE:___________________________  DATE: ______________



HOME ADDRESS/ZIP: _________________________________________



        _______________________ CELL: _____________________




        License plate number: _____________________________

        Make / Model / Color of Vehicle:


Please place the provided parking permit for space #2 on the inside of your dash board.
The parking area is privately owned and it is: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

Rosemary Remembrances II Guest Lodging is privately owned and the
Proprietress reserves the right to refuse service to any one.

Rosemary Remembrances II will not be responsible for the following:
 - Parking tickets
 - Vehicle damage while parking in space #2 
 - Accident or injury to guests
 - Loss of money, jewelry, or valuables of any kind

Other policies:
 - Two(2) Studio Apartment keys will be provided.
   (If lost, $8.00 each will be charged to your credit card)
 - Guests are liable for any damage in rooms, including any carelessness
 - We are a smoke free and pet free facility. A cleaning fee of $100.00 each
   infraction will be charges for guests who disregard this smoke
   and/or pet free policy.

Thank you for choosing Rosemary Remembrances II Guest Lodging and
enjoy your stay.

Signature ________________________________  Date __________________

          Any questions, contact:    
          LANDLORD: Marjorie L. Reppert of Rosemary Remembrances II
          10 Hill Road on Opera House Square, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
          FOR RESERVATIONS: Phone (570) 325-4452
          Phone number of studio apartment (570) 325-5074
          email: Marj@RosemaryRemembrances.com
This part is for monthly tenants only:

Please list three (3) or four (4) References and their phone numbers:

Previous landlord: __________________________________________________




Please list two (2) or three (3) Credit References (include names and phone numbers);



Month to Month applicant (s) specifically acknowledges that the acceptance
and processing of this application to lease by the leaser or leasers' agent
does not create any obligation on the part of the leaser to enter into
a lease agreement with the applicant. This application shall not be considered
by either the leasor or the applicant to be an agreement to enter into a lease agreement.

Rent is due the same day if move- in each and every month

                     Security deposit required

Applicants signature: ________________________  Date: _______________

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