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Studio Apartment Guest Lodging Lease (Month to Month)

For: 10 Hill Road
     Lower Level on Trap Alley
     Jim Thorpe, PA 18229-1101
     Apartment Phone: (570) 325-5074 (Guest voicemail)
     Reservations: (570) 325-4452

    I. Studio apartment rental fee includes: water, sewerage, garbage, electric, unlimited
       local phone calls and Wifi access, basic cable "Plus" TV, and one off-street
       parking space. (No subletting)
       A. There will be no rent increases unless water, sewerage, garbage, electric,
          phone, TV, or parking expenses increase.
       B. Rent payable the same day as move-in each and every month. Ten (10) days late with
          rent equals late payment of $962.50.
       C. Security deposit of $200.00 required. If no damage to apartment or furnishings
          occurs, the deposit will be returned two (2) weeks after checkout. Deposit will
          accrue interest after third year held. (One (1) month notice to move out in writing.)
       D. Two studio apartment keys plus an apartment rentors notebook will be issued, returnable
          on last day of rental.

   II. Tenant will provide his/her own apartment insurance.
       Consider Wildoner Insurance Co., 701 North St. (570-325-3651)

  III. Absolutely no nail or screw holes or holes of any kind in the studio apartment
       woodwork, doors, and cabinets.
       A. Screw eyes are provided on the exterior door and windows woodwork for holiday decor.

   IV. No smoking/pets in apartment. Do not burn candles or incense.

    V. Month to month tenants should replace any cleaning supplies and non-perishible
       accouterments that were used-up during their extended stay.

   VI. Tenant must use only the provided electrical receptables for microwave, air conditioner,
       TV, and telephone, etc. (Internet available through phone line at tenents expense,
       there are two telephone jacks). Apartment does have free Wifi access.

  VII. Snow removable will be done by landlord (sidewalk only).

 VIII. Planter(s) outside of apartment door will be monthly tenant's repsonsibility unless
       otherwise notified by tenant.

   IX. Call landlord for studio apartment problems (570) 325-4452 - Marjorie Reppert
       A. If landlord is not in town for an extended period of two or more days, call:
          Sister: Susanna Reppert (717) 697-5111 - 10 am to 5 pm.
          Plumber: Tim Linehart (570) 325-8811
          Electrician: Joel Sager (570) 325-2317
          Carpenter: Manny DeCosta (610) 377-4663
          Appliances: Koch's (610) 377-4394
          Carpet: Hager's (610) 826-2900
          Electric Power: PP&L (800) 342-5775
          TV Cable: Blue Ridge (610) 377-2250
          Water/Sewerage/Garbage: J.T. Borough (570) 325-3025
          Telephone: Verizon (800) 660-7111
          Mail Delivery: JT Post Office (570) 325-3951
          POLICE: 911 or (570) 325-4995

     X. Studio Apartment Notes 
        A. Tenants staying more than three months must obtain moving in and moving out permits at the Jim Thorpe
           Borough Office.
        B. Place garbage and recycle bin in front of main house on Wednesday nights.
        C. If front door sticks, rub soap on the wooden door jams where worn.
        D. Tighten or loosen outdoor flood light bulbs as needed.
        E. The outside wooden bench is stored Dec. to April.
        F. Due to living in a mountainous area MOLD can occur if the dehumidifier is not used
           approx. May to Oct. (Dehumidifier provided)
           1. Use bleach (carefully) to clean up mold on tiles only.
           2. May to Oct, open the 3 interior wooden doors when you're not around to release heat.
           3. NEVER steam clean the rugs or furniture.
        G. Do not rearrange any furniture or objects/art work etc.

Date:                                           Date:

Tenant Signature: _____________________________ Landlord Signature: __________________________

Photographs of studio apartment and its contents have been taken before move-in.

NOTE of any existing studio apartment imperfections:
   1. Kitchen table and chairs are second hand: one chair has animal chewed spindles.
   2. All appliances (small) and furniture were new 2002, and in excellent condition (see manual).
   3. Tenant will or will not provide their own sheets and towels.
   4. One casserole pot has damage to it's handle pads.
   5. Please leave the rental space as clean as move-in. If a cleaning service is needed,
      this bill will be deducted from the security deposit. ($200.00)
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