Article by Anne Herman
The Valley Gazette August 1985
Reprinted with permission

There are bouquets, corsages and nosegays given and received from loved ones and friends on countless memorable occasions. While they last they are a happy rememberance of a special event in our lives. Many of us have probably regreted the times we have had to throw away those flowers after they wilted and died. Some of us may have dabbled on drying the flowers and putting them away as a keepsake. How nice it would be to have those cherished blooms in our homes as a year-round display, ever present to evoke warm thoughts every time we look at them. Well,now you can have any sentimental flowers dried and preserved by Marj. Reppert, who does this as her speciality. Any sentimental bouquet can be dried, artistically arranged and renewed with scented oils so that it lasts as a loving memory, pleasant conversation piece and a beautiful addition to any home.

Flowers should be brought to Marj. one to two days after receiving them. Arrangements such as corsages should, after wearing, be kept in a plastic bag in the refrigerator with very little water. Marj. begins the process by drawing a picture of the flowers. If it is a nosegay, bouquet, or corsage, she takes it apart. Ribbons are set aside for later reuse as are florist's accouterments. She then dries and preserves the flowers, adding scented oils if requested. A bouquet is then put back in its entirety, making a beautiful keepsake as a dried arrangement in a vase. A corsage can be put into a shadow box frame with the invitation as the background. Potpourri can be made also. For this Marj. takes the bouquet apart, dries the petals and applies scented oils and fixative. She then places the petal mixture into a decorative jar or bowl. This can be added too as one receives more flowers over the years.

Marj. Reppert's shop is located at 10 Hill Road on Opera House Square in Historic Old Mauch Chunk now Jim Thorpe, PA. Her shop, Rosemary Remembrances II was established in 1984; in it you will find a liberal collection of paraphernalia to delight the senses along with her hand made collection of "Remembrances"™. Rosemary Remembrances II is open year-round, noon to five on most Saturdays and Sundays, or by appointment and on a whim.

Rosemary Remembrances II is the second shop in Pennsylvania owned and operated by the Reppert family. Marj's family established "The Rosemary House" in charming downtown Mechanicsburg, PA in 1968. They operate a successful mail-order business there with various herbs being requested from around the world.

Article by Anne Herman
The Valley Gazette August 1985
Reprinted with permission

To Rosemary Remembrances II special patrons that use our keepsake flower service here are a few important notes from Marj...

In order for Rosemary Remembrances II to preserve your Wedding, Sympathy, Anniversary, Prom, Birthday, Engagement, Get Well, Retirement or any other special sentimental flowers, PLEASE NOTE:

  1. Your flowers must be fresh (wilted flowers dry wilted).

  2. Please do not spray your flowers with water, but do keep corsages, nosegays, wedding and prom bouquets in the refrigerator in a plastic bag until you can get them to Rosemary Remembrances II.

  3. Arrange an appointment in advance for your flowers to be brought to us. We are open year-round most Saturdays and Sundays noon to five. On the other days, someone must be at 10 Hill Road in order to receive your flowers as-soon-after-your special occasion as possible. Call (570-325-4452), or (any time) email: Marj@RosemaryRemembrances.com.

We try our very best to please you, but we cannot guarantee some of the preserving methods unless your flowers are relatively fresh. We will treat your flowers as lovingly as our own and guarantee you a lasting "Remembrance"™ to always treasure.

Once your flowers are dried, here are some possibilities:

  1. FRAMED (Shadow box or standard frame): We can dry and preserve your flowers whole or press them. You must decide on a background color. An invitation, photograph or some special keepsakes will look great in the shadow/memory boxes. Flowers must be in top condition to do this method.

  2. POTPOURRI: We dry your flowers whole or loosely apart and if needed, add some symbolic herbs. For sure essential oils and fixatives, the potpourri is then placed in a glass jar and ribbons added. This is suitable for wilted or already dry flowers.

  3. VICTORIAN DOMED: We dry your bouquets, arrangements, nosegays and corsages whole. To do this the flower arrangements are taken apart, photographed, dried, and preserved. The dried flowers are rebuilt to look the way they were fresh. The flowers MUST be very fresh for this method. Once dry the flowers should be kept away from humidity. (YOU provide the dome or 3-dimensional shadow box--basketball shadow boxes work well.)

  4. WREATH: We dry your bouquets, arrangements, nosegays and corsages after they are taken apart. Once dry, the flowers are arranged onto a wreath that you can supply or one that can be provided by "Rosemary Remembrances II".

Your patience is required in order for this process to be successul. Preseving flowers does take time. . . sometimes up to one month or more! Once your flowers are preserved, they become more precious with each passing anniversary.

Commonly asked questions:

  1. Q--What method do you use to preserve the flowers?

    A--Your flowers will either be air dried or placed in silica gel. We do not freeze-dry flowers; a very special machine is needed for that process.

  2. Q--Will flowers retain their original color once dry?

    A--Most flowers will turn slightly darker once they are dried. ALL white flowers will turn antique white or beige in look. ALL flowers will shrink in size once dried.

  3. Q--Do you return the un-used dried flowers?

    A--Yes, the un-used dried flowers are returned along with any other items/mementos not used.

  4. Q--What is the cost of drying flowers?

    A--The cost to dry the flowers is approximately twenty dollars. This is non-refundable.

The cost to arrange your dried flowers into Memory/Shadow Boxes called "Remembrances"™ or to place your flowers into glass/dome jars etc. is determined by time (labor) and materials used. You will be given an estimate, upon request. (Any rates quoted are subject to change without notice.)

We try to work with your thoughts and ideas so that you will be totally pleased. We guarantee our work... if you are not satisfied with the end results, Rosemary Remembrances II keeps the finished piece, and you pay only the cost to dry the flowers.

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