Rosemary Remembrances II, Art, Gifts, and Guest Lodging in Historic Jim Thorpe, PA
est. 1984
10 Hill Road on Opera House Square Jim Thorpe, PA 18229-1101
email:     570-325-4452

TreasureMaker Marj Reppert's Artist Statement

Marjorie L. Reppert - Artist

Ever since I was a little girl sitting at my parents New Jersey chrome kitchen table, I can remember a Crayola® crayon in my hand. I loved to draw, paint and create. I always knew that Art was my chosen path from those 1950's childhood moments. Once graduating from high school in 1968, off to college I went, and Art jobs followed.

I taught Art Education in two different Pennsylvania School Districts (grades K-12) or to 15,359 buddy Art students! Yikes where did thirty years go... I retired in 2002 with tons of creative thoughts swirling around my head ready to start a new path.

As a self proclaimed pack-rat, I love to take reclaimed, recycled, new and old objects and transform them into artful pieces called "Remembrances"™. Those very "Remembrances"™ start with shadow boxes, old wooden cigar boxes, metal lunch pails, mint tins, jars, and so on. I will fill those very bases with treasures that friends, family members or neighbors have sent my way or even left on my front porch! I also find fun stuff, as I lovingly say "in-my-travels" that would be at yard sales, church sales, auctions, taking walks through town and more. Quite often it is a tiny little ceramic figurine, a broken object or antique item that will inspire me to create a traditional to funky eclectic Art piece. I also love doing custom Artwork to make any occasion special.

My passion is to make hand made Art for everyone's budget and personality. I love to make artful pieces that can decorate walls, sit on tabletops or accent anyone's decorator "home-sweet-home" style and make gift giving a one-of-kind treat.

I am continually exploring, searching and seeking the next great treasure to inspire me to create. I love being coined "The Treasure Maker" by some of my clients.

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Rosemary herb
"There's Rosemary,
that's for Remembrance..."